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Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Layout, Again, Updates and Fixes

I'm a bit of a web design freak and I'm trying to bring the site into the new Web 2.0 look so I've put up a new layout that I think I'll stick with for a while. I've also made some repairs to the parser that was preventing some TinyTrak MIC-E packets from being parsed correctly and not showing up on the map. The Ham's near you options has also been improved considerably.

I was browsing Google as I do sometimes and noticed that some TinyTrak users were having issues getting their MIC-E packets to parse through OpenAPRS. I investigated the problem and found a mistake in the MIC-E parser that had to do with the checks on the destination field. The mistake is corrected and those affected users should now be able to see their tracks on OpenAPRS.

Ham's Near You (HNY) is quite the fun feature but has been somewhat limited previously. I noticed that I had the default limit set to 100 HAM's which was a bit small and was cutting off several icons from being displayed. I've since upped that limit to 500 with a maximum of 1000 so now
when you click on the HNY icon at the top you should notice that if you weren't previously listed correctly on the map, you are now.

With the new look and feel of the website there is now a status window at the bottom left that will display the current live map status, number of users online in chat and a set of mini icons for chat, messaging, friends list and the tactical callsign list. Once any of those windows have been opened for the first time then closed a miniature icon for each will be displayed which can be clicked to reopen the window. When one of the windows status change, for example in chat when a new message is received the miniature chat icon will begin to blink until the window is opened or clicked on, same goes for messaging. This will also be the case when a new friend pops online but it is not implemented just yet. Just think of the mini icon bar like the start bar in windows where you can minimize applications.

I've also added a bunch of "Surveys" to the "Tips" help page, if you get some free time take a look and fill some out. The surveys are very simple, just one click and you cast your choice and get to see a pie chart showing what others have chosen. These surveys will help me in the future to direct developement to improve the site based on your feedback.

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