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Monday, August 11, 2008

Virtual Mobile Display

Per a thread on the APRSSIG mailing list I've added a "Virtual Mobile Display" to show users what their packets look like when received on a mobile radio with APRS support. Typically an APRS packet displayed on a mobile radio will be limited to 10 characters long and up to 42 lines depending on the radio (Kenwood TH-D7's 10x2, Kenwood TM-D700 10x3 & Kenwood TM-D710 10x42). It is important for APRS users to understand how their packet looks to other users so this should assist in debugging.

I've also changed the way weather and telemetry graphs are shown. Graphs used to be hidden but loaded for every user which made for slower load times and more server load per search. Now in order to view the graphs the page is refreshed with the added graphs displayed at the bottom of the search results. Telemetry and Weather graphs will not be allowed to load at the same time, it's an either/or situation. I've added the following quibbles to aid in displaying graphs with custom settings.

graph:weather <day|month|year>
graph:telemetry <day|month|year>

At the moment telemetry graphs only support displaying the last 24 hours of data but that will be improved in the near future.

Update: I've also added a PHG/DFS display for stations that are given that information out in their position report. This information is only available for their last reported position.

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