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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Added Object Source Searching & Satellite Pass Prediction

I went to search for a particular stations objects and found that if the station never broadcasted a normal position report it was impossible to find the stations objects in the APRS search engine. I added a new search quibble (as I call them) called object:callsign which will search for objects based on their source callsigns. I've also changed the search engine template around a bit to add Google Ads and more useful links for each result under the static maps.

I've also added satellite pass prediction for each result which will take the stations last reported latitude and longitude and show a preset list of satellites and their passes over that station. The list of amateur radio satellites to show predictions for can be changed under the "options" link and a list of supported satellites can be found here. I'll be adding the ability to show predictions for a given latitude/longitude in the future. To view pass predictions for a particular station or a set of station results add "show:satellites" to your query.

After the recent earthquake in Los Angeles I decided to add earthquake information to both OpenAPRS and the oAPRS search engine. I also decided to start advertising earthquakes greater than or equal to a 3.0 magnitude onto the APRS-IS network. Advertised earthquakes use the same format as quakeAPRS and should contribute to or replace any objects of the same name with the depth, location and magnitude from the USGS website. This will insure that if someone is already broadcasting (which wasn't happening when I started doing it but is now) the object will simply replace a preexisting object of the same name. You can either search for "quakes" in the APRS search engine which will match any stations with the quake symbol or to match our internal earthquake engine you can use the new "find:quakes" quibble or hit http://www.oaprs.net/earthquakes/.

A stations list of objects is now truncated at 3 with a link to search for all of the stations broadcasted objects which will allow for spanning the results accross multiple pages.

I also added the ability to search for stations near another station that has broadcast it's position. Use "find:near " or go to http://www.oaprs.net/near/.

You may have noticed slowdowns recently which should be improved as we recently upgraded the bandwidth on our internet connection.

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