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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Added Cluster Support at Higher Zoom Levels

At lower zoom levels (7 or less) APRS stations are grouped together in circles with numbers. The color and size of the circles are related to the number of stations inside of the cluster as labeled. When you click on one of the circles the map will automatically center and zoom in on the area within the circle you clicked.

I've also added a few more icon tools to the layout on the right. Click on the icon of a house to auto zoom and center the map on your default saved location. You can set the default location by tracking a callsign or typing in a zipcode/city, state/map:center latitude,longitude and selecting "Save as default home:" in the input box dropdown display.

Server database statistics are now accessible again from the right menu, click on the check mark icon. You can click the mail icon to contact me directly, it will popup the help system. I fixed the issues that were preventing signups, it is now accessible in the help system as well. There are now 3 quick zoom icons as well that will zoom to "state level", "street/city level" or "world level".

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