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Sunday, March 29, 2009

MICE Parser Fix and Load Balancing

It was brought to my attention that altitude in some MIC-E packets wasn't getting parsed correctly and as a result I went through the code and fixed the bug. Future MIC-E packets with altitude data should now display correctly on the map and in Google Earth. It seems that some devices send MIC-E data with the "telemetry" flag at the end and then don't send the actual expected telemetry data.

I've noticed that we've gotten increasing interest to the site so there has been a lot of extra load on the server which has caused some slow downs. I recently added a new server so now the site is sharing the load between two machines instead of one which should improve performance significantly. I also have a third dual processor machine that is almost ready to go, so in the next couple of months it will be up and running to further help balance out the load of incoming requests.

The iPhone app is still in progress and I'm trying to get it out by the end of the year. There are several different features it will support along with some non-aprs related tools so it's taking a bit longer to finish up.


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