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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New OpenAPRS for iPhone/iPad Features

We're currently doing final testing of our push notification server and background support for the iPhone/iPad app which means in the next two weeks we should be pushing out the long await next version.

Included in this new version will be:
  • Push Notification for APRS messages, based on the callsign SSID you have set in settings for messaging. Our push notification server has been written and is active, subscribing for notifications will be as easy as opening the app and answering yes to push notifications, after the first map sync with our servers you should be able to receive notifications. We'll be removing any duplicate messages automatically to prevent any ack problems. APRS message acknowledgments for registered push users will be implemented shortly on the server side but will not block this release.
  • US FCC callsign lookup.
  • Improved connection speeds to our servers, improved app memory management and iPhone 4 retina graphics (for interface and -some- common APRS icons we've remastered; we'll remaster more as we go).
  • iOS 4 background support.
This release will require iOS 4.2 or higher to run.

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